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Classic Games

Here's a question...

The vast majority of what I play (and track here on Raptr) would very aptly be described as classic/retro titles. Up until recently (prior to the last few months or so), things were never an issue. Now, however...

Do you guys have anyone monitoring the 'Add Game Request' link at ? Or is that even functional at this point? I've requested several titles to be added to the database (many of them MULTIPLE times over) and have yet to see anything come of it. Just something I figured it was time to check up on.

Thanks in advance for any reply.

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Guessing that's a no...

 It is functional, we do have someone monitoring them, things are just prioritized by the content team.

The list?  It's got thousands and thousands of games.  So if you've posted anytime in the last month or two, you've got a bit to wait unfortunately.  However, don't let this deter you, the more people that submit something, the higher it gets prioritized.  Unique people that is ;)

Considering that not only are my submissions *not* PC games, they're not even current/relevant titles. I'm going to assume, therefore, that my wait is going to be significant.

At this point, it's actually NOT functional... Whenever I try to submit a game, it gives me an error which says "Can't submit new game. Unable to connect to backend game submission queue server."