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Making Raptr videos work better in video editors.

Hey guys,

As you know Raptr videos imported into Video editors come into the issue of the video being out of sync I believe it's from not having a keyframe of 1 I don't know if the variable frame rate causes this as well.

That is why for capturing videos to work in Video Editors it is recommended that you use a codec like Motion-JPEG where every frame is new JPEG image just like having a keyframe of 1.

I have a decent solution all you have to do is use a application called XMedia Recode to make the videos import into Adobe Premier Pro in Sync.

Open XMedia Recode and choose your file and select convert video and audio and change the frame rate to constant 60fps if that is what it was and convert it.

Now if you import it into Adobe Premier the audio and video is in sync throughout the whole video, for some reason it's not so fast as video normally is to skip to different parts in the timeline, it could take 1-2 second possibly more instead of being instant. Unfortunately don't know why that is but I guess it's not the end of the world.

I'm no expert but I thought I'd share this for those with these tools. Xmedia Recode is freeware ;)

Currently Raptr 4.3.6 has a bug with replay videos where the video is out of sync, manual recordings are fine and don't have this bug.

It's been around for a little while but I found that just importing the affected video into Adobe Premier Pro CC fixes them automatically no need to align anything it does it on it's own, then just export it and it's like it never had the issue in the first place.

It's a pain I know but it it's worth it for those incredible moments that you want to save.

Anyone know any drawback to using this method to make the videos editable in Premier Pro or other video editors?

Mind you I haven't actually made anything with this method yet so their might be other downsides I don't know.

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