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Fallout: New Vegas freezes at startup when AMD GE is running

Whenever i try to play Fallout: New Vegas (Steam) it freezes at startup Bethesda logo. If i turn off AMD Gaming Evolved game works fine. Is it possible to play F:NV with AMD GE turned on?

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True. I played Fallout: New Vegas (steam version) for 2-3 days with Raptr and it works fine but today game crashed at Bethesda logo. Now im able to run Fallout only if Raptr is closed.

If you're willing to create a ticket regarding this issue, we can get into more details.

However, starting with getting logs once it crashes would be good:

To send to your log files:

1) Open the Raptr client

2) Right click on the Raptr icon in the system tray

3) Click on Help, then Feedback.

4) In the window that appears, check the box at the bottom (Send log file).

5) In the text box, please either describe the issue or paste the ticket number for your issue.

6) Hit send.

7) Post back here when you have sent your logs.

(Note: Make sure that you quit out of any game you are in before you send in your logs.)