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Microphone stops working after recording, or recording error.

So basically I'm playing Mechwarrior Online, and everytime I record a game, at the end when I press my CTRL+; key to stop recording, sometimes it will freeze (showing the end time of the recording video, but just the small recording info in the top right will freeze not my computer), and my microphone will stop working. Completely. 

The only fix for my microphone is that I have to uninstall my drivers and restart my computer. Problem is, if I record, and the overlay "freezes", then my microphone will stop working. I had originally come to the conclusion that my mic was stopping working because I was editing the names of my recorded files/deleting them after a bad game, or just naming it for editing purposes later.

I have no cause of why the GVR recorder is freezing at the end of matches (usually a 4-9 minute record time), but it's extremely annoying, and doesn't even save the game I played anyways.

Anyone know/had this problem?

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