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"It will be a detrimental situation for "RAPTR" if they keep the "Settings" file in a volatile format (i.e.: temporary).

It is well known that any responsible internet user will delete his "internet temporary files" as often as possible, hence the word: :"temporary".

I have set my personal computer to write all internet related temporary files in a volatile format (R.A.M.: Random Access Memory), but I cannot change the way you decide to handle the RAPTR App Settings format.

It sounds to me as "data miner" trying to dig at the wrong places.

C'mon guys, you're more astute than that, it's the same for your "Optimal Game Settings", I own a relatively medium range computer (dxdiag file attached) and if I follow your recommendations, the majority of the "AAA" and other games I own would diminish the visual quality - thus, diminishing my enjoyment (and many more pc gamers) too.

Why would I have to pay  in "precious" Reward Points while not able to amass enough to get those vanishing "sapphire dual-x r9 270 2gb gddr5 with boost and oc" cards?"*

*The above text is not intended to be annoying, hard to read or taken to court, this is my point of view at time of writing.

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