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My code for smite 200 gems doesnt work

About 2 weeks ago i win a code for 200 ge3ms for smite and i tried to put it and it doesnt works :/ (im from smite latam but before i win a code for zeus storm skin and it works very well) pls can anybody help me ?

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same I tried putting in the code and it didn't work I waited for 2K RP again the 200 gem code it says I already purchased it but it didn't work

 There are usually very specific reasons why the gem code does not work.  One of them is that if you buy any Smite code intended for use on a server other than the one you use, it will not be redeemable.  The reward details indicate clearly which server the code is for use on.  If you are sure you bought the right code for the server you play on and are still unable to redeem, send us a direct e-mail to including your Raptr username and describing the issue.  Thank you.