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Victory Command Exclusive Beta Access

This is a redemption guide on how to redeem the Victory Command Exclusive Beta Access Code!


Fine Print:

  • Code unlocks beta access.
  • Code available in North America and Europe.


Step 1: You'll want to purchase the reward! Select the quantity you want and click "Purchase"


Step 2: Now, you'll have the option to review the transaction before clicking the "Complete Purchase" button.


Step 3: On the Order Info page, you're going to see a link (shown by the orange arrow) that you'll need to copy and paste into your normal web browser then be sure to save your code (shown by the Orange with Red arrow), you're going need that.


Step 4: Following the redemption link will take you to Victory Command's website, where you'll have to first verify your age:


Step 5: Once you done that, you'll have to enter your beta code and fill out the account information:


Select a Player Name (you'll use it in the forums and in-game):


Step 6: Success!


Step 7: Download and enjoy!

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