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Elite dangerous cant add it manually

I cant add elite dangerous manually to the library I can add the launcher but when it tells me to add the game it keeps telling me Uh-oh! :(

I browse to user/name/appdata/local/frontier_developments/products/forc-fdev-d-1003 and select Elitedangerous32 and then it tells me it cant find it 

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yes the same

Anyone even active on this forum? I looked at the other thread about the same problem but it didn't help me at all.

yep same here

I have the same issue would appreciate a fix.

We're having issues with the Elite: Dangerous detection. It appears that how the developers have created the file structure and have the game communicate with the registry has created a lot of issues with creating a good detection. It appears that even if we can get a detection working, it breaks at the next update. We're still doing what we can to get a solid detection, but there is a lot of difficulty. 

Hi Verun, 

How about talking to the devs? Frontier have a very open group of DEVS that probably are more than willing to talk to you.

I'll just name a few names that are very active on their own forums:

Michael Brookes - Executive Producer (<- would be the goto guy if you'd ask me)

Edward Lewis - Community manager (<- he could relay your questions)

Sandro Sammarco (pretty high up in the Dev chain, so he might be able to help as well)

The official Elite: Dangerous  forums can be found here:

same issue here driving me nuts lol

Any news? been over a month now :(

I don't believe that anything has changed regarding the way the game installs, so unfortunately there isn't much we can do. We're still looking for alternative methods though.

Same Problem.... ED will not get registered.