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Why can't I record a video?

Why can't I record a video? - creenshot

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Sorry for the late reply.

Do you get any options in your Preferences > GVR for Software Encoding? Are you able to enable it?

Are you playing on a laptop by chance?

I have a laptop, the card series 5

Do you see the option for Software Encoding?

I also have the same problem but as i am currently reading the forum i can't find a solve to it.

@prinnyreturn - You have the same issue where Replay/Record will not be enabled? Same as the screenshot above?

Can you create a ticket regarding this issue? If you do, post the ticket # here so I can sort it. Thank you.

The Replay/Record seems to not work but Screenshot is working.

I am not able to activate the Software encoding. My Display adapters are AMD Radeon HD 8600M Series / Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600

@prinnyreturn - I have gone ahead and made a ticket regarding your issue since I may need to ask for logs. Ticket #11214 for your reference. If it's possible for you, I'd appreciate if you respond to questions in the ticket as opposed to responding to them on the forum from here on out. It's just to avoid confusion. Let me know if you have any issues following the ticket.

How do I find this Ticket/Log?

You can go to the main page ( and at the top of the page, click on "Check Ticket Status". 

I've already assigned the ticket to your account.

Hey!I have same problem, I can't turn ON video capture settings - but my Screenshot and Broadcast working well. I system is Windows 7 x64,GPU -Intel Core i5,Video Card Gigabyte HD 5770 1 GB Overclock. Thank you.

@dava2015 - I created a ticket for you so I can give you some instruction on how to fix your issue. Ticket #13636