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Daily authorization required

Hello there,

for unknown reasons Raptr keeps on asking me to authorize my account. Ive seen old topics about this and the issue seems not to be fixed. Why do i have to authorize my account every day? Whats the deal?

Ill keep on ignoring the notification from now on if this problem remains unsolved.I guess it wont have consequences? In case there is a solution, feel free to tell me.

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Sorry for the late reply.

Currently our system is not working as intended as for any user that has their IP address changed (usually due to their ISP) will be unauthorized. This can sometimes happen even multiple times over the course of a day, although typically it's a once a day affair. 

We're currently working on a method to have those with constant changing IP addresses to still remain authorized, while still having security for their account. We're sorry for the inconvenience. 


Thanks for the reply anyway. Changing IP due to ISP sounds reasonable. Its not a big deal anyway - just slightly annoying. Hopefully the Devs here will find a solution for this.


@bluecipo - We've made a recent change that should help a small bit. It should only unauthorize you if you log out of the Raptr client. So things like restarting your PC should no longer cause your account to become unauthorized. However, let us know if this problem keeps occurring despite what I stated above. 

So after a few days of monitoring i can probably say that the situation has improved. Thanks for your effort - i guess it was good attempt.