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Valve games won't work while Gaming Evolved app is running

So title says all. Valve games I am speaking of:

- Counter-Strike: Source

- Day of Defeat: Source

- Left 4 Dead 2

I have 14.12 Catalyst drivers installed. OS is Windows 7 SP1 64bit.

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Nearly got crazy with this. You just need to disable instant replays and GVR in raptr. Then everything works fine. Had issues with other steam titles, not just titles from Valve.

I have those turned off and no effect. Also I have odd lag in Windows when game (almost any game) is running simultaneously with Raptr.

I can play Half-Life 2(and it's expansions), Portal 1 & 2, and Team Fortress 2 just fine

@Tumpo - Are you still having this issue?

Are there any Valve games you have that do work?

I have not tried and I stopped using Raptr couple weeks back because it kept causing numerous problems in many games that I play often.
I have to side with Tumpo on this;  ever since I upgraded to this 290 from a 680GTX, my games have been crashing (specifically, Marvel Heroes, Goat Simulator [STOP LAUGHING], Left 4 Dead 2 and Pinball FX  2).  They had not been doing that before, and it does seem to be an issue with Steam.  I want to keep using Raptr, but I cannot keep having system crashes.  So I think I may have to disable it too.  :(

I have the latest Catalyst drivers and my OS is Win 8.1 64-bit.


@Tumpo - Okay that's fine. However if you're still willing to assist I would just like to know what you meant specifically by the game "wouldn't work". Did it crash? Not start? Become laggy?

For those that are still having an issue (like captainobviuos), creating a ticket regarding the issue and then posting the ticket # here would be a good way to get it replied to early. Thanks!

Well Valve games which I listed in first post became "not responding" in main menus and then only thing you can do is close the exe. On Diablo III for example I found that game is very laggy even on main menus which is not that demanding on CPU or GPU.

Created a ticket: #11092.

I disabled Raptr and my games quit crashing in Steam.  I would imagine it is a conflict between these two programmes attempting to take control which is causing crashes;  it is reminiscent of how Windows 95/98 crashed until someone realised NT was stable and DOS/Windows was not (because DOS wanted control and so did Windows, leading to instability).  I sincerely doubt if I uninstalled Steam that I would ever have another problem with Raptr.


CAPTAINOBVIUOS, did you try disabling raptr's in-game overlay?

Raptr, reportedly, had last update 5 months ago ( so no wonder if there is some conflicts between Steam, Dxtory/Fraps/any other recording software or anything similar and Raptr/Gaming Evolved. I had no problem with Raptr/Gaming Evolved before about a month a go. Before that everything was great.

@Tumpo - Sorry, we have just been forgetting to update that part of the forum. Newest version of Raptr is 4.3.9 currently. It was released roughly 2-3 weeks ago.