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When recording with GVR or replay, my game will crash.

 When recording with GVR, or not even recording and having replay enabled, my game will crash after a random amount of time.  I think the display driver is crashing which crashes the game because when the game closes, it says something like "the display driver has crashed and recovered".  I sent the log files through the Raptr feedback, so I hope that helps.

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I have this problem too.

CS:GO, Guild Wars 2, PAYDAY 2 will crash randomly with Raptr running (And not a single crash when not running Raptr)

The crashing is totally random. Sometimes I can play up to an hour and it will crash, sometimes as soon as 5-10 minutes into the game. Games with Raptr in-game overlay disabled will still crash. And manual GVR recording wasn't running. So I think it must be Replay feature that's crashing the game? (Since it continuously records the game)

DOTA 2, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes play fine with Raptr running. No crashes.

I think the crashes might be related to "Black screen GVR" problem in previous version of Raptr. Because I used to get black screen with recorded videos with both CS:GO and PAYDAY 2. (I didn't test GW2 with previous version of Raptr)

DOTA 2 and MGSV:GZ didn't have black screen problem in previous version and also no crashes with Raptr running.

My specs -

Windows 8.1 64-bit with latest updates.

Catalyst Omega 14.12

i5 2500K 3.3GHz (No OC)


Gigabyte R9 280X 3GB (Factory OC)

Crash problem still not fixed with the latest Raptr update v4.3.9.

This happens with Raptr running, Replay: ON, Record: ON, Broadcast: OFF. (Crashes even if I'm not recording manually)

Yeah, having Replay enabled will cause random crashes for me  too, having replay disabled will make it so I don't crash randomly, but I can still crash while recording manually.


Can confirm this also happens to me, ever since i got my R9 280x Powercolor TurboDuo about half a year ago. Random crashes when raptr running (replay on, recording on but never use), fifa13 + bf3/4 (origin), Payday 2, CS:GO, borderlands 2 (Steam). 

Other specs: Win 7 64 bit, changed to Win 8.1 64 bit no difference. happened on both

i7 3770k.

8gb RAM

Have tried underclocking graphics card. Had the "development" 4.3.9 from another thread to fix the black screen issue, and it actually seemed quite stable for a week. Now raptr did an auto update, back to daily random crashes...bleh

Don't forget to stop replay before alt tabbing or going to the desktop. Just saying I know you guys are most likely not doing this but some people don't know this. You won't be able to record after that and it can crash the game or PC.

I have this problem but only when I try and stream or record. I doesn't happen randomly, only when activating any recording type of service associated with raptr.

For those that are having issues with Raptr possibly causing the crashing of their games, can you create a ticket (if you have not already) and post the ticket number so we can assign it quickly? 

We'd like to get logs and figure out how to resolve this. Thank you and sorry for the wait!

Okay, I have created a support ticket, I think the number is #10297, and I have sent in the logs also.

Hello, I have the same issue with playing CSGO, can they please solve it?


Crashing issues can be very specific based on the user. We recommend creating a ticket and then posting the 5-digit ticket number here.

I created a ticket: 23285

@uberpootis - I have replied to your ticket.

I have this problem at Dota 2.
Raptr/AMD Gaming Evolved running and the game is randomly crash. Warface never crush just Dota 2 at me.


I have the same problem ... You will find a solution because it has been several months now ...