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What's the latest version of Raptr?

I am running 4.3.8 and I want to know if there are any new versions.

You guys don't update your website or the in app info. Can you guys please always update the announcements page no mater how small so we know when to download the latest version.

I am hopping for a update and fix for 1080p Mantle recording for BF4. It's the only game I can record properly on my 1440p screen using Raptr due to the way Raptr scales 1440p on DX11 games.

Raptr scales Mantle when playing BF4  on a 1440p monitor correctly, BF4 on DX11 has this issue too on 1440p resolution.

It sucks because other AMD VCE app accelerated recording can record 1440p properly as far as I know MSI Afterburner might have the same issue I think but I know for sure Bandicam works perfectly at recording 1440p on DX11 using AMD APP (H.264) but I rather record on Mantle as it's smoother and performs better :( 

I have been praying for this solution since Mantle basically came out.

I hope it is a simple fix in Raptr just to say scale using this method and not this method.

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It just update to 4.3.9 yay lol.

It hasn't fixed any of my issues. 

1) 1440p recording scaling. It's fixable, might be the easiest to fix by simply changing the scaling method.

2) Mantle 1080p recording... 4 months later still not working.

It's not fair that people with larger resolutions can't record properly. Only BF4 on Mantle can but only 720p works. I've just about giving up on Raptr. 

I guess now AMD is no longer a priority since you guys now paired with Intel.

Now let's not jump to conclusions. 4.3.9 was not meant to specifically address those issues that you mention. We also place both Intel and AMD in high regards as our partners. We can have more than one partner :-)

As for your issues:

1) Higher Resolution recording is in the pipeline for us since it appears that it the route that PC Gaming is going. However, the grand majority of users are still using 1080 (and sometimes lower). We want to make sure our recording works well in the most used resolution, before we start jumping into higher ones. But I'm sure it will come in time.

2) Unfortunately, the AMD Mantle API is kind of....dead.

We will still support it as much as we can, as it appears they are going to be making radical changes to it. However, I don't know where Raptr wants to run with this quite yet, but I'll see if I can get an answer.

You misunderstood my point of this post. You guys aren't updating the announcement part of the forum, it makes it hard to follow how progress is going. The last time it was updated was when Mantle support was added and that whole process has not been fun.

We know about the future of Mantle and the fact they are going with DX12 which perform better on AMD cards is great and there will only be one API which is great but that is at least a year away before we start using DX12.

Right now and for the foreseeable future Mantle way out performs DX11. It will give your software a great ability to record 1080p at high efficiency and will give people that have a higher resolution running BF4 to record properly as there is no scaling issue on Mantle in Raptr, otherwise we cant use your software.

I think you guys should invest a little more time and try and finish the Mantle implementation you guys added.

It will make your software more usable for more people.

If you guys hadn't started working on mantle it might make sense to give up and wait for DX12 which is still some time away.

Mind you there are others working on Mantle recording, they have it recording 1080p without flickering but it's lagging but it's improving. Although at the moment they only have it on a single card at full screen. I use their solution to record DX11 at 1080p on AMD H.264 as it scales correctly on 1440p.

I'm sure many other here would appreciate what we have been hopping for ages and to finally be able to record 1080p on Mantle in Raptr.

At least give it a go and see how you guys go ;) 

Interesting, we just tested 1080p recording on Mantle and it works fine for us (on multiple PCs and multiple games). We need to find how it's not working on your machine specifically. I'll be looking into your previous posts to get info to see if we can solve it. Thank you for remaining so patient. 

As for not updating the Announcement part of the forum, I will alert our manager to see if we can't make a more concerted effort. However, most of the time I'd say it's "Fixed some bugs" and only here-and-there where we will include a new feature. 

It does it exactly like the other video the guy shared where it was flickering I'll upload something soon.

@Verun The video below is someone elses Mantle video but mine records exactly the same with this stuttering or flickering when recording with Mantle at 1080p, It's only when recording 1080p on Mantle,

If I record at 720p on Mantle there is no stuttering and records smooth. 

When you guys first supported Mantle 720p was doing this too but you guys fixed it.

Video uploaded by djdynamite123

Hey astrix_au,

So I just talked to our QA department and they actually are able to reproduce the problem and sent the issue to engineering already. How long it will take to resolve the issue, I don't know. However, the issue you're running across with the stuttering at 1080 has more to do with Crossfire, than Mantle. 

Technically, if you disabled Crossfire, you should be able to record on 1080 in Mantle without the stuttering...but we understand why you wouldn't want to do that. Kind of defeats the purpose. But just giving you a heads up that we are aware, we can recreate it, and we'll also do some further testing on it. 

Thanks Verun that is great to hear, I'll try without crossfire to see if it gives different results.

Hey Verun, I tried with crossfire off and it does the same stuttering, it's always done it on one card as well as I've tried them before but I hadn't tried 4.3.9 on single card and it's exactly the same still.

@astrix_au - I'll alert our QA team and see if they want to get logs from you. Or if you have the time, you could send the logs anyways and a copy of the video stuttering in 1080 Mantle with one card.

Ok thanks Verun.

I uploaded my logs after creating a 1080p video Recording BF4 on Mantle with Raptr with crossfire turned off.

Settings: 1080p, 60fps, 5Mbps

Catalyst 15.3 - I updated the other day but the Omega 14.12 driver is the same as I always test 1080p on every version of raptr

Windows 8.1 64bit

Asus Maximus 6 Formula


r9 290X.

After uploading my logs I created another video with a higher bit rate as it was hard to see.

Settings: 1080p, 60fps, 15Mbps everything else the same.

I created a post specially for this 1080p mantle bug below