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Not able to delete account

I am disgusted that Raptr are discontinuing console support and I am attempting to delete my account.

When I try it says "there's been an error contact support".

Can someone tell me how to delete my account please?

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I would also like to delete my account.


Try this link..

Try this link...

Ad I said in my OP "When I try it says "there's been an error contact support"."
Sorry as not ad, typing on a phone sucks lol
Generally, if you are unable to deactivate your own account, it is because you need to first authenticate your location/IP address before doing so.  If you are unable to deactivate, please contact us directly at with your username and we can do this for you.  Thanks.

GhostStorm - Your account has officially been deactivated.

Drakkyn - In case you were not made aware, your account has also been deactivated.

Have a nice day.