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New update gave my PC BSOD

So, I was using Raptr fine until the recent update arrived. Today, I turned on CSGO, suddenly the screen goes black and a notification appeared. It said: "AMD driver crashed unexpectedly and has recovered". Only 2 seconds later, blue screen of death appeared and I was forced to restart my computer. Just uninstalled Raptr while waiting for a solution to fix this.

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Mine updated fine and recorded BF4 Mantle great at 720p, unfortunately I left it on 1080p from testing the new update and lost 2 great video as 1080p is broken :( Maybe you should have gave it another go, looks like the driver messed up and since it was recording it BSOD. When it's recording and you unexpectedly cut the source off things can go wrong as it's writing to disk.

@ASTRIX_AU: Actually, I wasn't recording using Raptr. I just turned CSGO on, Raptr said something like "Turning on" at the top left on the screen and the screen turned black, followed by BSOD. My GPU is Sapphire R7 260X 2GB btw. I noticed that it happened after Raptr updated with a 64-bit exe file? Because I don't think I saw it in Task Manager before.

I have the same problem. When I start e.g. Guild Wars 2, I can play 20 Minutes or less, then it's lagging and I get back to desktop. I have to close it with the task manager. When I start a new game, I wait 5 seconds, and then I get a BSoD, and I have to restart my PC.

You have to make sure replay is not running when going to desktop as it's actually recording. It will damage the recording and it won't be able to record anymore and it can crash the PC or at least game.

This happened to me as well. Was playing Insurgency, game crashed and was followed up by BSOD. I wasn't sure if it was because I bumped my Max Bitrate up to 25/30mbps or if it was Insurgency not cooperating with Raptr...This happened twice, once on 30mbps, and then on 25mbps. So I turned it back down to 20 and we'll see if it happens again. May I ask all of you what your recording settings are at? I was going Max Bitrate - 20mbps, 60fps, 1080p. Astrix you mentioned 1080p is broken at the moment? How so? What are your settings like?

I was never able to record insurgency in Raptr, where you able to record that game in the past? I got error 22 previously.

Today was the first day I tried recording Insurgency and it was all good until it crashed and gave me BSOD twice. I was just recording again, but this time I turned my Max Bitrate down to 20mbps rather than 25/ crash, no BSOD yet. Astrix what settings do you record on? And you mentioned 1080p is so?

For those that are having the issue with games crashing with the 4.3.9 client, would you be able to make a ticket and reply back here with the ticket number? I can assign myself to it for quicker response times. 

Exactly same issue here.......i just logged at support request #13469

After getting this issue....I proceeded to install Windows from scratch, got latest drivers from AMD and still have BSOD :-(

Hope they fix it soon!!

@chicken_gracie - I have replied to your ticket. We can further discuss the issue there. Thanks for letting us know!