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GVR Audio desync!

So I've been looking for a recording program that could get me good quality and minimal hit on PC performance while recording. THIS IS that program! I just discovered this beauty this morning and immediately started recording some DayZ. BUT! I went back through my videos, checking quality and it was great, I loved what I was seeing...but what I was all seemed okay until it came to a part where I was shooting and I realized the gun shots were going off before the action was even taking place in game! I looked at some update notes and saw that they just addressed this issue in the lastest which appeared to be 3/25/2015. Maybe the issue hasn't quite be solved yet? If there are any solutions out there, please help (though I doubt there are considering I can't find any quick google fixes and the issues seems to be being addressed!)

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Is this in the video or when you import it into a video editor and play it back?

If it's after importing it into a editor that is normal behaviour as it's H.264 video recorded with a keyframe of about 120. In order for it to be insyc in editors it needs to have a keyframe of 1 so that each frame is a whole new frame otherwise each frame is only updating what's changed. Someone could possibly explain that better than me.

I found a solution though, use XMedia Recode or I prefer Handbreak to convert it to constant 60fps not variable and it seems to fix this issue in editors.

If you plan to do editing it is recomended to use Motion-JPEG codec as each frame is new JPEG image, the effect is like a keyframe of 1 but it's faster than using a keyframe of 1 with h.264 in most cases and you can record with higher resolution than 1080p.

I used to record 1440p  60fps Motion-JPEG at 170 Mbps at quality 70%. When using 100% quality produced 250Mbps files from memory on 1440p 60fps..

This was in the video, I immediately opened it up in VLC to check quality before I even considered converting the file or doing any sort of editing to it. I've been doing more testing and it seems like it's okay now. And I record my videos to 30fps for the sake of smaller files, and I'm pretty new to the whole recording gameplay scene so I am still learning/evolving.