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Mantle 1080p stuttering issue.

Hi Verun and the Raptr team.

Glad to hear you guys finally iron out the bugs you guys were working on.

Can you guys please fix the Mantle 1080p recording bug. It stutters like crazy and it's in no way usable.

If you guys are going to fix it I can create a video and send logs, in the past this wasn't at the top of your list how about now since you fixed the other issues? It's been months and the 720p recoding is performing great but the 1080p is broken.

I can't record with raptr on DX11 at all because of scaling issues that DX11 has on 1440p monitor and resolution but Mantle scales 1440p resolution perfectly so it's the only game I can record with Raptr and it's the fastest recording out there specially on Mantle even at 1440p 135% resolution scale  on BF4 thats just under 4K on 1440p screen at 120fps and 120hz!! Can't see DX11 doing that and we need more than 720p recording... PLEASE :D

I tried a OBS version that had VCE and in the settings it had the option to select downscaling method, there were three options, I think that possibly your Mantle and DX11 H.264 scaling use different methods since they give different results can you get the guys to look at that please that seems like a very simple fix if I'm right ;)

The OBS software was broken for me, it was a custom build plus I use crossfire anyway and they only do screen recording of Mantle.

Hope you guys can finish your Mantle support! 

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Any word on finishing the Mantle support and getting 1080p recording working on Raptr. Mantle recording is amazing especially on monitors over 1080p like 1440p but on Raptr but your limited to record to 720p since 1080p is broken. 

Please fix 1080p Mantle Crossfire recording so we can record BF4 on Mantle at 1080p and not just 720p using Raptr!

You guys added Mantle support but please finish it off and get 1080p recording working right and not have it stuttering like crazy.

Thanks :)

I created the video below with Raptr recording BF4 at 1440p and recording to 1080p the video was with crossfire off but the same happens with crossfire on.  others get this stuttering effect when trying to record Mantle at 1080p as well.

If I change the recoding size to 720p in Raptr it records and plays awesome, no lag and no stuttering even when playing at 1440p 100% resolution scale or 135% resolution scale!

When recording to 1080p you can feel an affect and it's slower and I even experienced stutters when looking around just then on a single GPU on catalyst 15.3 and 4.3.9.