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Update this morning

I started my pc this morning 28/03/15 around 9ish and got a message saying update rapta so i did it then started up my game i all way's play and started to freeze up in game play.? I gave it 3 battles and all of them done the same. so i closed the rapta down and the game played fine had around 12 battles with no crash in game play. 

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Same here. Got the same messege, updated, then tried to play the game I've been playing for the past 3 weeks (Skyrim) and screen and then my rig restarted. Tried 4 times, the end I closed raptr and loaded directly from Steam. If I hadn't deactivated windows restore point, I would have restored to a previous point before the update.

@sasrob33 - I have gone ahead and created a ticket for you so we can continue this issue. Ticket #10220 for your reference. 

@bocter - I would recommend creating a ticket regarding this issue as well.