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Stuck on "Starting stream"

A quick search on google as well as on this forum will show that many people have been stuck having this problem many months ago up until now with no offical word or comment on any solution and advice or anything. I've reformatted and this problem persists. I've changed drivers and this problem persists. I've tried different clients and guess what? This problem persists. Looks as if this problem will always persist. Has anyone had anyluck on streaming bf 4 games to twitch through rapter? Have you guys tested it? What hardware did you use? Drivers? Etc... Any single adivce you can give the community if you fixed it for someone else? If not, why hasn't there been a solution? Simple programs like d3dgear can capture mantle and broadcast to twitch no problem...what is up with the official sponsored AMD app? 

8 people have this problem

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I have the same problem. It is quite frustrating indeed.

@vxelitevx - We test on all types of machines here at Raptr. AMD, Nvidia and Intel for video. We typically do not have any problems with the Twitch streaming. However, we are aware that some users are having these issues with Twitch streaming. I have created a ticket regarding this issue for you (Ticket #10222) so that we can hopefully get to the bottom of this issue for you.

I have the same problem though I have an Nvidia video card. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


@Chaddiwicker - Sorry for the late reply. I would recommend creating a ticket on the issue and then posting the ticket # here so I can respond back to it. I can give further instructions inside the ticket. Thank you.

same problem. why do you just post a ticket # instead of a solution or link to the ticket? making it extremely difficult to find an answer

@jeckyslut - Because it's never usually a wide-spread issue that has a single solution. If it does, we typically post that on the Solution/FAQ page. We can't link other people's tickets because tickets are private to employees and the ticket creator. Most of the time if a player has an issue and we need a ticket it's because:

  • It's a unique issue that is only affecting that user, or a small portion of the userbase.
  • We don't have enough information to create a solution for it since we cannot recreate the problem in-house.
  • Tickets provide a 1 on 1 setting that we can also get our engineers involved. When it's on a public forum, it tends to turn into a "I also have this problem" and trying to juggle 5 different PC's with different components, driver versions, software, etc can make it difficult to pin-point the issue and get proper coordination.
In addition, we are aware of issues with our Twitch Streaming and are looking to change that in the future.