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raptr uses too much system resources

without raptr running while i play league of legends i get 60 consistently with raptr running i get around 30. my fps isnt capped also .not sure if its just my cpu or if others are having issues too please comment 

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1st off its no help that you have yet to say what your system spec's are, also I Highly Doubt that Raptr is effecting your system that Adversely when active, I have Never had it do Anything to any of my games when playing them.

My system is as follows.

FX-8570 @ 4GHz

8GB G.Skill Ares Cas 8 1600MHz

MSI R9-270X 4GB Gaming

ASRock 990FX Extreme 4

Seagame Baracuda 750GB SATA

Corsair Air 540

Can a Raptr employee confirm if disabling the "In-game Overlay" actually makes a difference? I am not sure if it does

Disabling In-Game Overlay should not make a difference for determining frame rate. 

@kaveman89 - Do you have GVR enabled and recording while playing League? 

Check to see how much Raptr might be taking a toll on your CPU/Memory while playing League.

my laptop

AMD Radeon HD 8650G

AMD A10-5750M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics (4 CPUs), ~2.5GHz


ill try disabling ingame overlay and see if it works


also i do use the game video recorder. not all the time but i still get sharp fps drops with raptr running and GVR not recording

@kaveman89 - I went ahead and created a ticket for your issue so we can ask for some logs. Ticket #11143 for your reference.

 @kaveman89 My best guess based on your system is that Raptr Prefers a dedicated GPU for recording, not an APU, which is also your CPU. Essentially what is happening I think is that since the recording part of the load is not fully being transfered from the CPU to the onboard GPU. About the only way around this besides setting up a hardware recorder is to buy a dedicated GPU, example like my R9 270X or a R9 285 etc. That should actually be all your need to do, also note that the GPU on your APU is basically a HD7730, so the capabilities of that GPU are very limited, and recording with it probably strains it alot.