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Why doesnt AMD Gaming Evolved work like Shadowplay?

 So... why? I saw shadowplay at work today at a buddy's house and I have to say, I am gonna just scrap my amd card and get a nvidia card purely for the fact that you can record ANYTHING with shadowplay.

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 I've already created a similar thread:

My personal vision is that developers simply don't care. Verun, Raptr employee, stated two things in the past:

1. AMD Gaming Evolved is just Raptr with AMD branding'

2. They currently don't allow to record any game because AMD GE has lots of social stuff - game time, achievements, prizes, forums, etc. If they allow to record any game, not just the games in the library, they won't be able to collect statistics

So, AMD gets what it pays for: AMD logo.

Wow, really? That is friggin' ridiculous. I'm not buying AMD products anymore. Thanks for telling me.


 Here is the proof of the first statement: (2nd comment)

Well, it's Raptr software, with AMD branding.

I can't post a source of the second statement because it was wiped out with the old forum. However, it is pretty obvious that this limitation is artificial because all other recording  software like Fraps, Bandicam, Action, ShadowPlay, MSI Afterburner, etc allow to record any 3D application. Also, ShadowPlay is not perfect as well. User Demon from geforce forums made an excellent compilation of ShadowPlay flaws:

Not sure where your getting your info that the GVR only works with AMD sponsored games but I can asure you that is total BS, STO aka Star Trek Online an Nvidia sponsored game works just fine with it, infact I can't think of a game off the top of my head that doesn't that I have, with the execption of the recently released Homeworld Remastered collection.


Yes theres some games that GVR for some reason doesn't play well with, that is where Fraps comes in, Personally I use fraps over Raptr's GVR just for the simple fact that the GVR Doesn't record 3rd party post processing effects like ENB or SweetFX, also GVR inheritly is brighter then the actual ingame image, which drives me Insane as a youtuber. Until they fix that issue I almost Never use the GVR function, as its pretty much useless until they fix the codec to record at the right color/gamma/brightness levels.

@Setari - Actually we can record almost any game now with the client. It was built from the ground-up to focus solely on recording, so it tends to do a better job. I believe our intention is to transfer some of the things allows to the Raptr client, but unsure when that will happen.

You can download it here if you want to try it: PLAYS.TV