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GVR is playing up?!?!

okay since about two days ago the AMD GVR is not working right, it dose not record when i press my ho key and when it dose record and when i stop it the over lay still says it recording but its not, so when i exit the game and open the video it says the video format is not compatible, so i open the video with playstv it just shows a black screen and '?' marks where the video time should be??? please help as i really wish to start recording agaig!

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I apologize for the late reply. I can converted your issue into a ticket so we can work to resolve this issue. Ticket #11175 for your reference. 

Im having this same problem. GVR starts recording and i get the timer displayed. When i click to stop recording the timer stops but does not go away. The outputed file is still the usual size but without the normal text file, meta file, screen shot. Only the large recorded file but it does not have .mp4 at the end.

So it would indicate GVR is having issues stopping and completing its recording tasks when we click to stop manual recording?

Please advise as soon as possible and also is it possible to recover the files that that have not yet converted to .mp4 somehow?



@arkhamuk - Would you be able to create a ticket regarding this issue? Once you've done that, can you post the Ticket # here so I get it sorted?

Yes no problem i will submit now. Many thanks