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Raptr cannot connect to

Hey guys

i keep getting the "Raptr cannot connect to" message everytime i try to log in and i have checked my firewall/Anti virus to make sure that my Raptr app is being let through and it is. just to make sure i removed my anti-virus off of my computer completely but the night prior to these problems happening i did a virus scan on my computer and removed files that were flagged, maybe a Raptr file was one of those that were flagged and this is what is causing the problem?

I have also re-installed Raptr on my computer several times but nothing seems to fix this problem, i am still able to connect to the Raptr website as you can tell and my internet connection is running just fine so i honestly do not know what the problem is :/

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Seems that if I "exit" the AMD Gaming Evolved app (in system tray) and then open the Raptr app instead, the AMD Gaming Evolved login window works again.