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Freezing computer

Hey, i kinda got tired of this amdge freezing my computer when launching CSGO and now the bureau xcom whatever. It even freezes the task manager and have to log off so this amd thing gets killed in the process, it is the only way to stop it. I've seen more topics about it in the past but nothing is done about it, also my tickets are 45 days old and no answers. I sort of had enough of losing my work in my other open programs while this thing freezes the PC and it can not be killed. 

I know this won't get a reply in the next 2 months from my previous topics but whatever.

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 Exactly the same problem!!!

I had a similar problem with Euro Truck Simulator 2. First the game would freeze and if I opened any other 3d application I would get a BSOD. I found out that the game was freezing because I was using 400% downsampling. When I set that to 100%, the problem was gone.

If you have a similar setting affecting the game resolution, try to change it.

@FINNBHENNACH I know the ETS2 optimization problem for like 1 year ago, it was making only the game to crash. This is different tho, everything freezes and you have to reset the whole computer or log off from your windows account.

@RedBull108 - I'll be converting this issue into a ticket for you so we can deal with this. 

For those that do have a ticket on it, can you let me know what ticket # it is?

If for some reason you feel like talking only in the forum, when did you start having crashing issues? Was it since the 4.3.9 update?


We can deal with it in the ticket, no problem for me at all.

This is happening for quite some time, at least half an year.

Sorry again for sounding rude.