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My AMD GAMING ENVOLVE can not add anymore my World of warcraft

After the update my AMD GAMMING ENVOLVE not recognizes anymore my WORLD OF WARCRAFT game and i can not find him on  the list to add.

Plz help.


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I went ahead and created a ticket for this issue so that we can resolve it. Ticket #10962 for your reference. 

I now over 12 100s all 700+ geared and 12000 achievement points raptor only shows 562 also I've been playing 11 years now none of mine have been added either I think this may only recognize 1 toon at a time and not all of your toons like I have every trade maxed at 700 and only shows 450 achievement so not sure what too say it still is a great gamming site for op games and keeping drivers up too date also lot cool games too down load from here