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Can you add GTA V ?  

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Rapt pls when you gonna add GTA V social club version (non steam version) ?

I can not believe
you did not add GTA V support on day one,

can not
record or twich

Well one more reason to change over to green team thank you very much


yes raptr please add GTA V with steam and non steam versions please

finally it's about time

i had it but now it cant be show on library 

I apologize for bumping this slightly-older thread,

but I was attempting to add Grand Theft Auto V to the Raptr Library (Dec.2015)

and it seems to ask for the wrong .EXE file (Non-Steam Version) and felt this was related to this.

(If I should start my own thread proper, please let me know and I will gladly do so)

When Manually Adding the game to Raptr, it asks for PlayGTAV.exe,

but this file does not exist in the Non-Steam Version (Standalone Version) of GTAV.

The two main .EXE files are




in the ProgramFiles/Installation Directory.

Perhaps this information may assist in being able to add it to the Raptr Library in the future :)