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Smite gems codes are not avaliable

I'm frustrated for waiting so long to appear the Gem codes. Currently i have 5700 points, and i have nothing to spend it for. Now i want to buy a 400 gem code, but there's nothing to buy in the store.

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I apologize that you are frustrated at the lack of Gem codes. We are reaching out to Hi-Rez but it's really up to them to decide if they want to provide more codes or not. 

Thankfully, your points will not go down over time and you can keep them for as long as you need. 

After adding new codes, the option "one code per account" will refresh? Becouse i've already bought the zeus skin and 200 gem codes

It may not. It depends on what we're told from Hi-Rez. There is still a cap/limitation on how many codes can be applied to a Hi-Rez Smite account. We still want to give proper warnings in case you have the option to purchase it, but it can't apply to your account. It is slightly confusing, so we apologize for that.