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Using AMD Gaming Evolved (Raptr) with multi-monitors - can I record a single screen?

So I use the eyefinity feature of my 7950 to play games on 3 monitors. When I record using Raptr, I get all 3 monitors in a heavily compressed format. All texture details are extremely blurry. I've tried various settings, but nothing produces a clear picture. If it was clear, I would simply crop the video in post, and be fine with it. But it is extremely jagged. Is there a way to A) make it record all 3 screens in higher quality or B) record just my center monitor?

Does anyone else have this issue?

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I went ahead and created a ticket for the issue. Although we don't have an official answer or solution to your issue yet, I did create an enhancement request for a solution. A ticket was created to keep a better eye on this issue and alert you if anything comes along. 

Considering this topic is now a year old, will it ever be addressed? I currently run some games in eyefinity, and while using raptr to record I get very poor results. Since there is no way to adjust the recording resolution past the 1080p option, is there a way to set a custom resolution in a config file somewhere? Maxing all recording settings the result is still so poor you can't read text in the game HUD. This all looks crystal clear in OBS on the other hand. What would be ideal, and related to the OP's question, is to run the game in my eyefinity resolution (5760x1200) while only recording the center screen. Unfortunately, unlike OBS, there is not enough granular detail in the record settings to allow for partial screen capture or select monitor capture, much less a custom resolution. Will this ever be supported, or are we just out in the cold on this one?