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Raptr Points

All my raptr points disappeared.

3 people have this problem

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 Yes, I went from 15k or so to suddenly only have the 24 I just made about 15 minutes ago.

I also have this problem. I went from 15k to just having the 24 I earned about 20 minutes ago.


fui de 971 pra 24 pontos 

Hello, I´m shocked. Same issue. Down from 6,258 to todaý 24 Points. Hope this is only a temporary issue and the rewards will be back in my account again.

Um i had over 19k points now i have 5 points just for checking the community. Never had this problem, HOPEFULLY!!! i can get them back.

I had over 12k points and now I have 0 :(

to me it has also happened to me

This was just a temporary side effect of us doing some maintenance that involved point values for users. It should have only lasted a few hours. There was a banner up regarding the event, but we understand that not everyone would have seen it. As of typing this, everyone should have their RP returned to normal.