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i need help regaining an account i forgot the password to

Heres whats going on i atempt to send the password reset request for my account Ketyia the Arden or Siglus but the email nvr arrives and heres where it gets weird I AM ABLE TO RECEIEVE THE EMAIL for the raptr email belonging to this I wouldnt care for the other account if i could link my steam account to this one but i dont know if i can CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE i get stressed easy this is not ok

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After 5 hours of waiting an email finaly showed up Marking issue as solved

Hi Siglus971,

Not sure why the forum post was marked as Solved because it obviously was not. From best I can tell, no one in the CS team here changed it. 

However, it appears the "Siglus971" as well as your other accounts, are now all deactivated. If you still need assistance, let us know via a ticket. Thank you.