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Raptr keeps GTA from launching

I installed Raptr soon after installing GTA V PC. I had just switched from AMD (Gaming Evolved) to Nvidia, and I didn't want to have all those points that I'd gained go to waste. Unfortunately, if I have Raptr running, my Rockstar Social Club purchased version of GTA V will not run. I'll either get an error telling me to run the game from PlayGTAV.exe (which is where I'll run it from) or I'll get the initial splash screen, then the loading screens, then nothing. Nothing at all will happen. It's almost like raptr is either killing the process, or the switchover from the GTA Launcher to GTA V gets blocked.

Please fix it. I've already missed out on tons and tons of points because of this issue.

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I'm not having this problem. Are you using a shortcut to launch the game? Don't use Raptr you do not need to use Raptr to launch a game to get points. I never use Raptr to launch

I attempt to launch from the shortcut put on the desktop from the GTA V installation, and get the above errors as long as Raptr is running...even if I don't try to use Raptr to launch the game.

As long as Raptr is open, GTA V will fail to launch.

I had no issues with the same retail edition of GTAV, it works fine and even launching it from the app works fine too. Maybe try disabling in-game overlay for the 2nd problem after the initial screen? IDK, for me in-game overlay doesn't work at all so i disabled it.

Thats just odd, hmm sorry for your luck. Just a thought turn off in game overlay mine is off maybe that will do it. Also i do not have on replay, video and broadcast off also. Hope this help GL

Turned off in game overlay, and still nothing.

It either does absolutely nothing after this screen:

Or it throws up this error after that screen:

Once I quit Raptr, the game runs just fine. It's weird.

That is weird, and I'm out of ideas. I'm assuming all other games NP?

Yeah, all other games launch fine. It's just GTA V.

You could try temporarly disabling your antivirus before launching the game.

Are you using a laptop with integrated and dedicated GPUs by chance?

i am also having this problem but with me GTA V just crashes silently and i get no error message and the launcher quits just before it reaches the stage BLACKROSEMD1 posted an image of. FYI i have all the OSD / recording and streaming options on OFF..


I'm actually not running an AV at the moment, so that's not the issue. No laptop, it's a self-built gaming PC.


Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 Gaming

16 GB of 1333 RAM

GTA V installed on an SSD

i am also using a GTX 970 with the 350.12 drivers for GTA installed also no anti virus here.. My specs are as follows: Windows 10 beta Intel i5 2500k, 8GB DDR3-1600 GTA installed on a ordinary HDD

I had the same issue..

Solution for me was to Uninstall Raptr.. :-S, i think ii is the videorecording software in Raptr which affects GTA5..

Yep, that seems to be the only workaround at the moment, unfortunately. 

Sucks that I can't get an actual response from someone on the Raptr team about this.