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Games Not Launching At All

I read the info. on this problem and it was not helpful AT ALL regarding the comments from others. They say they haven't had this problem. If they haven't had this issue and they tell me that how is that helpful? It's not. If you have an answer to this problem then please let me know. I've gone to my library on my brand new HP Pavilion TouchSmart Pavilion 21.5 Desktop all in one PC which has Raptr preinstalled. I went to the Raptr library to see which games were preinstalled. I enjoy solitaire. I saw freecell was in my library and was supposedly preinstalled. I clicked the 'Launch Game' icon and NOTHING HAPPENED. The game did NOT open. I tried a different game called 'Hearts' that was also in my library as a free to play preinstalled game in my library. I clicked the 'Launch Game' icon. NOTHING HAPPENED! THE GAME DID NOT OPEN. Then I tried 'Minesweep'. I got the same result. I then checked other areas and browsed around. When I went back to the launch game pages according to the info. the last game I had PLAYED WAS MINESWEEP. That's odd because not a single game was playing as a video or as anything else!!! I even reinstalled Raptr in case it had gotten corrupted. NOPE Did NOT fix the issue. Now if someone can tell me what I SHOULD BE DOING OTHER THAN CLICKING ON LAUNCH GAME I'D BE VERY APPRECIATIVE. Please do NOT tell me that you are not having these problems because that is not a help to those of us who ARE having these issues with Raptr's free games in our libraries. Thank you so much. No I'm not trying to be nasty. I'm trying to get PRACTICAL advice to help those of us who are having huge huge issues with Raptr. Some of us love games. I am a serious gamer and now can't even play the free games that are on the Raptr program on my new PC. I can go to facebook and play their games. I can play other online games. Only Raptr and Play TV does not work for me. If it doesn't work then why did they put it on my new computer? I need tech. support for this please. Instead of getting tech support when we click to receive it? Raptr keeps sending us to their community of users. Someone in this thread is correct. That is very SHATTY consumer service!!! If I'm having this many issues with the FREE games in my library? I damnd sure will not pay to download full version of better games. 

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