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AMD GE doesn't detect the game

 I just installed Ancient Space (Steam), but my AMD GE can't detect it. Any suggestions how to add it to games library?

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We currently do not have a detection for it yet. We'll take a look at it this week though. Thanks for letting us know! 

I can't also add Woolfe - The Red Hood Diaries to my library.


Do you have it for Steam?

Or do you have a stand-alone copy?

It's Steam version. Detection doesn't work for this game.

Okay, we took a look at the detection. It was created when the game was Early Access. Since then, they have changed the file names a bit. We'll make the changes and it should go out in the next detection push at the end of next week. We appreciate you letting us know about this though.

Ok, Woolfe is detected well now. And I've found next Steam game which can't be detected - Venetica.

I'll have our detection team take a look at it. 

I'm in the same boat as Legion112. I picked up ancient space during the Steam Summer Sale and it isn't detecting in Raptr.

@jmdwork - Thanks for letting us know. I'll let the detection team know again. Sorry for the inconvenience.