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Confirmation email not coming / cant change email adress.

Eveytime i want to autorize my account it says that an email was sent to my email adress but nothing comes and i cannot change my email adress neither.

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If you can't see the authorization e-mail in your junk mail, then this is usually because there is a problem with the provider of the e-mail address you have on file with us.  Send a brief description of your issue to and provide an alternate e-mail address (if you have one) that we can use for your account to ensure that you are able to receive our automated correspondence.

For others having this issue, certain providers tend to block or reroute our automated messages from time to time.  If you are unable to receive an automated Raptr e-mail and it is not in your junk or spam folder, please send us an alternate address at and we will assist you as soon as possible.  Thank you.