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AMD GE Not recording my mouse location? Help Pls.

Hi everyone. I'm hoping someone can help with this. I'm recording games like SimCity, Cities Skylines and so forth. When recording though its not recording my mouse location. I can see it correctly when I'm recording, but when I go to edit my video, there is no mouse location on screen being recorded and roads and things are magically being placed down without something to follow along with. Anyone know if its a setting I need to change or something?

Thanks for your help,

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Hi kutter28, 

We currently do not have an option to show the cursor. However, that does not mean it will not happen. I have placed an enhancement request to see if we can make that an option in a future version of AMD Gaming Evolved and We greatly appreciate the feedback!

Hi Verun,

Thank you for responding. I hope that is something you are able to bring us soon. Its very important to those type of games. 

Thanks again,

I just wanted to bump this topic to help maintain awareness.  It's important to be able to record the mouse cursor in strategy games (and some RPGs) because without it, the video can be both confusing and annoying to viewers.

Both Shadowplay and Fraps have this option, so it's an absolute must-have in order to be competitive with those programs!

Hi Chubzdoomer, 

We appreciate you letting us know how much you would like this certain feature. As mentioned, we have placed an enhancement request to add this feature and will see to it. Thank you for your support and attention!

When will ADM implemet that?

Not sure, they said they are working on it in an update...sooner than later would be great though!

I hope they work on it because it will be really helpful. Gameplays of particular games looks weird without mouse cursor... I would really appreciate if this problem could be solved, soon.

It's been three months now and the feature is still nowhere in sight.  What's the hold-up?

I really want to record some Act of Aggression (real-time strategy game) footage, but there's no way I'm doing so without my cursor being visible in the video.

This feature can't be difficult to implement.  My patience is really wearing thin.

As mentioned in my post, we have placed an enhancement request regarding that feature in our database. However, that is not promising that we will drop all current projects to work on it. It is the engineering team's decision to choose what they have to work on, and some issues (some which are severe) can move in front of the line of other projects. 

While it's understandable that you might be frustrated that this feature is not available yet, we ask for your patience while we keep working on the client. 

I finally just gave up and ended up dropping $30 on Mirillis Action!, which can actually record the cursor and still make use of the built-in H.264 encoder (APP) on AMD cards for minimum frame rate impact.  I didn't want to spend money on another piece of software, but ultimately I had no choice.

I'm very disappointed by the Raptr team's ultra-slow response time when it comes to implementing such a basic yet important feature, especially when said feature is present in virtually every other piece of recording software out there, including Nvidia's ShadowPlay.

Needless to say, I will not be returning to Raptr for any of my gameplay recording needs.


A disgruntled and incredibly disappointed former user

@Chubzdoomer - We apologize that you feel disappointed in our product. Keep in mind that we are free to download, while Mirillis Action! is not. So it does make sense that something that you pay for may have more features than something you can use for free. 

Good to know that enabling Software Encoding, or enabling Hardware-Enabled Cursor in some games, may enable the cursor to be shown in the recording.

Either way, we wish you the best and glad you are able to find a service that provides the needs you want from your gameplay recordings. Have a nice day!

OBS has the option to show mouse cursor,  plus many other options like replay saves(replay buffer), and it is FREE. AMD GE won't stream to Twitch for me, won't upload to Youtube(I have to manually add it to YouTube). Recorded a 2 hour video with GE last night, just to realize my mouse cursor wasn't captured...UGHHHH The Games for points all disappeared as soon as I got enough points to buy a game, yet they still offer them through the raffles. I was told  to make a new ticket for each problem I have, yet it would take me all day and 20 posts. I love AMD, go team red!, but I just use AMD GE to get my daily  60 points or  whatever in  hopes they will eventually add more games for  points, but close  it down after that. I wish it would work properly, as it IS very convenient....  but I've had  more problems than success with it since last October when I started using it.... and I hate saying that. Supposedly NVIDIA Shadowplay works really  well, and you don't have to have an NVIDIA card... but  that would be blasphemy,  so I recommend OBS until AMD  GE gets sorted out,  if ever.


Recording the Mouse Cursor for videos is being actively worked on and should appear in a future version of the client.

Still not option for recording the mouse.......good job rapt ¬_¬