Start a new topic not working, nor is the raptr overlay.

Hi! I just got the new update today, and now I cant record anything. I tried my replay hotkey while playing a game and it didnt do anything. Then I rebound my other 2 video record keys to see if they worked, and they dont. Then I tried the overlay and it didnt work. What's going on? Also, does the video recording allow you to record your whole session in the background and pick out the clips you want like Shadowplay by Nvidia?

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I have this same issue. No Raptr overlay in BF4 and the GVR will not work.


Same here?? r9 390x

I have the 390x msi as well. My opens then it just closes and runs in the background. Still says session recording: off and I can't save anything in game. I have to go to my processes in windows 7 and manually end it but it happens every time. Did anyone find a fix yet? This was 8 months ago!?

@killswitchh - I believe that is a slightly different issue than the one you are having. 

Can you try opening the client as Administrator and possibly reinstalling it?