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Problem with

Hi, I've got problem with newest Raptr app. I can't login to When i'm doing it nothing happening, i am still unlogged.

Gallery is working, but i can't upload new videos, i have to log in. But it isnt working again, again and again.

Is there any solution for that?

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I have gone ahead and created a ticket for your issue. That way we can ask for files without it becoming public. Ticket #11853 for your reference. I will also be locking this topic so answers for your issue can remain in the ticket. If anyone else sees this and has the same issue, we recommend creating a ticket regarding this issue. Thank you for taking the time to write in!

I have the same Problem.

It seems like it's the client who has the Problem.

I tried to turn off my virus protection und raptr runs as administrator so.

It's working for me now,

I had te reinstall drivers with Raptr app.

Hope this help you.

Let me know.