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Gaming Evolved still ignoring second GPU, causing overheat

Hi there!

I have a rather uneasy and annoying bug within the Gaming Evolved software from Raptr.

Namely, I run both integrated and discreet GPU in my laptop (HD8330 from APU and HD8570 as a separate discreet GPU). However, the Gaming Evolved software only considers the performance of my lower GPU, being totally oblivious to the more powerful one. As a result, whenever I "optimize" my games using Raptr, the settings drop insanely low, up to a point, where the drivers don't know if they should idle or work with the lower GPU, causing my system to overheat due to constant misuse of the GPU switching bridge.

Is there any way how to check which GPU I'd like to use as basis for the optimisation process? Not having to constantly optimize my games and un-optimize them to gain points and make sure they work at the same time would really be plus...

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We will continue to address your issue in a ticket we have created for you. Ticket #11938 for your reference. Thanks for taking the time to write in!