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Twitch Randomly Crashes League of Legends

Hi, I have been liking your Twitch app for streaming my LoL account but your app seems to randomly crash my game which disconnects me from my match. I then have to reload my game completely which is a real pain and honestly makes me want to uninstall your Raptr app entirely. I do understand that it is a Beta app but these crashes are such a nuisance.

 I do enjoy the relative ease of using of using your Twitch app and got me really into streaming. I like the idea of gaining points to go to other games and different kinds of content.

Your update before this current one was working pretty decent. I would only have a crash after winning or losing a match but that didn't bother me much. This current patch makes me worry a lot about streaming any of my ranked matches. 

Please fix this app, it a pretty awesome part of your software and I'm sure will either make or break people wanting to try your app just for the streaming Twitch feeds alone, just as it drew me to install. I don't want to uninstall but if I can';t rely on it I'm going to stop using it all together.

-Tony G

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Hi Tony,

We're investigating a couple reports of this.

In an effort to help isolate the issue, could you let me know what the state of "highlights", "replay" and "twitch" is on the Home Tab in the Raptr App?

For example:

Thanks for your help,


All are disabled except for Twitch


I have moved your issue over to a ticket so we can assist you there. Ticket #12444 for your reference.