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Raptr and several games. Over a years use and utterly disappointed.

In the past year, Ive moved from using Raptr/Gaming Evolved often to frequently exiting it every time windows boots up. I am now at the point of uninstalling it permanently.

I have experienced many problems with raptr including video recording and overlay problems when playing many games. From game lag to BSODs and system hangs. I am quite frustrated with this program. I am one of the few people who switched from Nvidia to AMD to experience BF4 better but ever since I bought BF4 when it came out a few years ago, I have never been able to play it. Its not a Raptr problem I know, but because I have an AMD graphics card, I cant use Nvidia's Geforce Experience and have no choice but to use Raptr.

I am typing this while CSGO, Raptr, Windows task manager, Explorer.exe and even cmd.exe refuse to respond. Process explorer & task killer refuse to respond as well. The only thing working is this damn web browser. Over an hours worth of searching on how to fix it and now Ive given up.

I recommended Raptr to all my friends. That was a long long time ago. One by one, they uninstalled it because of problems.

I would tell them that it works well now but... Id rather keep my friends.

-- Kiwi

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We appreciate your support over the last year. It's been a year of new technologies and a lot of learnings, and without users like you, we would be nowhere.

I am sorry you've struggled with our product. This last week we've been trying to isolate the new issues surrounding steam owned games (CSGO, Dota2, etc.). 

I could use your help though. I need to see your client logs (

We're close to solving this issue, we just need more data.

Thank you again for hanging in there with us.


I have the same problem when starting CSGO, everything freezes and i have to log off from my windows account, it is the only way to kill raptr. I sent the logs around 19 days ago, but haven't got any more replies on my ticket from that time. I know at least 1 friend already had the same issue and uninstalled raptr for this thing...

This happened in the bureau XCOM declassified too, haven't noticed it happening in other games that i play.

Thanks for the feedback RedBull, I'm hoping we can get this ironed out ASAP.