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GVR Black screen in fullscreen, but not windowed for COD4 MW

 Hi, my replay recording (and game recording) stopped working some time back. It used to work fantastic, but now just records a black screen with the audio playing. I read a few suggestions about starting in windowed mode and tried it. This works, but I don't like playing in windowed mode.

Why would it work in windowed mode but not fullscreen?

The recording works fine for some other games, like Sleeping Dogs, but COD4 MW for some reason, just will not work fullscreen. I have already submitted a log file using the feedback button.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Blaze,

What OS are you running?


Sorry, Windows 7.

No need to apologize :)

OK, I'll make a note for myself to look at this Monday... I don't have access to the log system currently. I'll see what we can do.

Just so you know, it's not our intention that you're required to run windowed for it to work.


I understand that. I appreciate all the help. Thanks
I managed to record a fullscreen highlight today, so I don't know if anything has been updated or if it is a one off. First recording I have been able to make in months, so something must have been different.


 No, it was a fluke. It isn't working again, I just get the loading screen or setting up screen.

I have gone ahead and created a ticket for your issue since it was not able to be easily resolved in this forum post. If possible, we'd like to move the conversation to it so that we can ask for personal files without it being exposed to the public. Ticket #12172 for your reference.

Additionally, I will be locking this topic in order that answers are funneled appropriately into the ticket and aren't scattered between the ticket and forum. We appreciate you letting us know about the issue though.