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Raptr Recording Software Doesn't Work

When i am trying to record using the recorder it worked for the first few days and now when i try and record it just doesnt work no redlight or anything. Or if it somehow does work it just crashed 20 seconds later. 

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I started having the same problem recently as well. I am wondering if there is some bug in the current version.

I've the same problem, i open Raptr and then Battlefield 4.

When i press f9 (my hotkey for the highlights) anything happens.

Same thing with the replay record.

(Sorry for the wrong english, i'm from Italy) :)

same here, when i set my hotkeys to manual record (crtl + r) i doesn't work. i have play tv on, 

@gamerfabiogt - Could be an issue with recording itself. Do you get the Session Recording at all?

I would recommend creating a ticket if you have not already, so we can look deeper into why it's not recording for you. 

You may also want to change the hotkey to see if it's causing an issue with the game.

haveing the same issue. someone plz help!