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Recording gameplay makes game very laggy, video is also laggy

Hi guys, have recently tried to start recording some of my gameplay (BF4 if it matters) and everytime I begin my recording the fps drops from 200 to around 80 - but it's not a smooth 80 either, it's noticeably stuttery. The recorded video also reflects this stutter, so I don't know what's going wrong. 

I have an R9 290 and an i7 930 so I feel my system is more than capable of doing this, especially as my game is at Low settings.

Trying to record 1080p, 60fps, 50mbps.

Anyone else had this issue? Couldn't find much Googling :3

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Are you recording to a separate hard drive?

Yeah, I've got BF4 on my SSD and I'm trying to record it to a regular HDD. Could the speed of the drive be limiting it?

If I may pop in, even a "slower" 5400 RPM HDD should be able to transfer about 100MB/s, which is about 800Mbps. Since you are recording at 50Mbps, it should be more than enough for the data stream [of capturing]. I should add to that though, that stuttering and trouble recording 'could' be a symptom of the hard drive having troubles (how old is it, for example?). Try capturing to another drive (if you have one), or creating a RAM drive (if you have RAM to spare and can create one to test with) - these tests will help you find out if it may be the hard drive or not. Even a newer drive could be having issues (which could be fixed at your vendor or returned under warranty, of course). 

You could try lowering your recording settings overall and see if that improves the stuttering. If it does, then it is likely something else in the system. Something may be 'bottlenecking' the performance somewhere, when trying to capture... Looking at your i7-930, it's not bad at all, but recording full 1080p can be pretty demanding. The 'Low' settings would take a lot of the load off of your GPU (and some off your CPU as well) but if there is that much stuttering, try lowering the recording settings to see if it improves things. If it does, recording at 1080/60 may just be a little too much for your system, at the present moment. 

If it helps, I had an AMD CPU that was similar to your Intel 930 and found that 1600x900 (which you could resize down to 720p for uploading (if you are sharing your gameplay)) seemed to be a nice 'sweet spot' to record at. Try lowering the Recording Quality too, by the way (the VBR rate or the CBR Mbps) and see if that takes the stutter away. Again, if it does, the recording settings you are attempting may just be too high, for now. Have you tried a different recording application? One that can do VBR may be more efficient for you.

Just throwing around some ideas... Good luck with it

Hi jatujak,

I would recommend to try and see if GametipsAndMore's advice finds any further information regarding your issue. Things like reducing the quality or changing recording location can help us pin-point the issue. If you've done both of those and still are unable to figure out the solution to your issue, I'd highly recommend creating a ticket for your issue and posting the ticket # here. Feel free and let us know if you have any further questions as well.

Thanks for the great response, Gametipsandmore. I haven't been able to play too much these past days, but I'll try what you've said tonight or this weekend hopefully.

I'll try the lower settings first but I do think the harddrive is a few years old now as well, so that could be it.