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Gaming Evolved reverts/changes back to "Balanced" optimization settings after selecting another game and returning

As an example, if I select "Quality" as my chosen optimization for a game (any game, Battlefield Hardline, Minecraft, anything) and then go to another game in the listed Library (clicking on it, selecting it) and then return back to the first game I had set for "Quality" - it seems to always revert the first one to "Balanced" (it is not keeping the chosen setting). This happens for all games in the Library list.

Just wondering if there is something I'm missing (perhaps a Default setting somewhere, but I did not see anything in the Preferences thus far), or if anyone else has run into this problem.

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I have gone ahead and created a ticket regarding your issue so that we can get into more details. Ticket #12138 for your reference. I will also be locking this topic so that we can funnel the answers into the ticket for quicker response times. Thanks for letting us know about this issue!

Just an update on this issue, so that it can be here to help others (I asked the speedy and helpful Raptr Support to Unlock the Thread so that I could post my findings - thank you for referring me to them, Verun):

Apparently, many games do not actually have any differences in their settings [between Optimal and Balanced] and this results in the slider 'reverting' to Balanced, with these games, when attempting to set it to Quality.

I was contacted quickly by Raptr Support and they asked me to test a few games, setting the configurator [my word, I hope it's a word] to "Quality" and see if it remains that way, after temporarily selecting a different game in the Raptr Client Library.

Indeed, for those games I tested (Hitman:Absolution and a few others), the slider remained on "Quality" after selecting other games in the Library and returning - so it is working correctly, then.

Raptr Support explained that for the games where 'the slider reverted back to Balanced after setting the slider to Quality' [my phrasing], it was because there were no actual differences in the settings between "Balanced" and "Quality" for those games where that occurred.

Although the slider may be slightly confusing then (they stated they are working on that), this was mostly my own fault, in my mind, since I was fixating on the seemingly-rebellious slider and I wasn't looking at the settings below (where I would have seen that there were no real differences between Balanced and Quality for those games).

In any case, this was still a nice example of Support from all involved, thank you once again for assisting with it.

No problem, and just a heads up for other users, this issue can be different for various people. Obviously someone with a AMD R9 295x2 will run across the above problem far more than someone with a 7750. However, we can easily check to see if it's working as intended or if more is needed from our team to get it working for you.