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Incorrect Steam Password Even Though Password is Correct

Idk this just started happening this morning. I havent change my steam pw and i verified that it matches my steam pw yet raptr continues to say my steam id or pw is incorrect. At the same time it auto logs me out of Xbox Live. When I click log in it logs in for about 30 seconds before disconnecting me.

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I have the exact problem. It must be a general issue, can anyone help?


Since this concerns your personal account information, please create tickets individually for this issue (or e-mail us at and provide links for your Steam profiles so that we can try to determine the problem.  As for the Xbox problem, we are in the process of phasing out console support in favor of PC, so the connection will be unreliable for now, if it connects at all.  We apologize for any inconvenience or if you missed the announcement.  Thanks in advance for providing the additional information we need to help you both resolve these issues.  Have a great day!