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Hardware "Downloading detection file..." and Optimize "Scanning optimizable games..." Problem! Plz help!

Well, like the title says. I have that problem that it just says that. And i have let my computer run with in in like 10 hours. And still. Nothing. Why is it like that? Anybody that knows? I can't go anywhere. It is just showing this. But i can't go to like the library or Community...? And i can't record och livestream games...? Someone that knows? If you do. Please answer! :D

Thanks for reading.! //Svampen5121

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Ive reinstalled twice. pretty much same issue "OPTIMIZE : scanning optimizable games " and " HARDWARE : waiting for scan to start". the last install it went for 5-6 hours . this time ill let it go all night haha. not really funny as it really sucks 

@wesmaximus - Have you tried checking your firewall/antivirus? Or opening the client as Administrator?

So I let it go all night and when I got up it was complete.. I guess it takes time. but it did not take that long before. either way its good now thanx. 

@wesmaximus - Alright thanks for letting me know. If you notice it's a regular thing, let me know. It can/will take longer if you have lots of games installed, especially on multiple drives. However, it shouldn't be longer than 30 minutes.