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What bitrate is ideal for 1080p 60 fps recordings?

I have noticed that 5-10 Mb/s will start to lag the gpu (HD7790) whereas 30 Mb/s works just fine but the filesize will be huge. What is the intended optimal setting in this instance?

(As is with high setting 10 Mb/s @30fps @1080p)

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When I use 10mb/s for 30fps at 1080p, the quality looks really muddy to me. I use 25mb/s for 1080p 30fps.

Anyway, about your question, I don't think bitrate will make that big of a deal when it comes to fps. I'm not an expert so I'm not sure but bitrate usually comes into play when you have too much movement in the recorded media, thus you can have as well picture quality in a game that doesn't involve too much movement like Hearthstone with relatively smaller bitrates. 60 fps will only affect the gpu reliance in my opinion. 

I couldn't find how to edit my post so I'm typing another one for that purpose. I made some research and found out that fps indeed affects video quality at the same bitrate. Sorry for misinforming. You could try 25mb/s and work your way up from there. I'm sure you'll get a satisfactory visual quality.

Ok, what do you think is optimal for the hardware though? I mean it must have limitations, this VCE engine, or whatever it's called.

I have 10mb set for 60 FPS on r7 260x which is almost same card as urs, didnt notice any lag at all