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2 Major Recording Problems

I used to record quite a bit with AMD's GVR, but after a few months and updates, two main issues popped up.

1.  Fullscreen games as well as windowed borderless games will often fail to launch or crash on startup.  I believe this is a known issue, but it's been around for months and has been my main reason for not using Raptr to it's fullest extent.

2.  If I have my in-game overlay(since it seems to be required for recording) "Game Replay" (manual gameplay recording) turned on, it immediately starts recording for no reason when I launch a game from steam(tested with Team Fortress 2, Garry's Mod, CS:GO).  As a result I always get huge video files which I didn't mean to record.  It doesn't say that it's recording, either.  I can manually record just fine, though.

Recording Settings, if it matters:

50Mb/s @ 60fps @ 1080p

i5-3570k, 8GB DDR3, HD 7950

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I notice that your issue is marked as "Solved". Are you still having this issue or was it resolved? If you are still having this issue, let me know and we can create a ticket for your issue.