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Plays.TV Gallery Crashes with Dxtory (does not with Bandicam, Fraps, etc)

I thought that I would put this in the Feedback area, as opposed to the Help area, as it appears that the GamingEvolved/Raptr Client (possibly the Plays.TV overlay previews?) does not seem to agree with Dxtory (it crashes when it is running) - but only with Dxtory (which remains running) and not other similar applications...

For instance, I normally use Bandicam for game recording; and this problem does not occur with that program running. I ran the Client with Fraps and MSI Afterburner as well, to see if it had issues; but it did not, it ran perfectly fine with those recording programs running in the background. Dxtory seems to crash both the Plays.TV portion (when it pops up at the end of a gaming session) and most of the time (not every time) takes the GamingEvolved/Raptr client with it.

I realize these symptoms point to it perhaps being more of an issue on Dxtory/Exkode's part; but I just wanted to mention it here, in case it assists with compatibility development, and if other people run into this occurrence as well (I did not see it listed on a quick search of the Forums). Related Question: Is there any point to posting this on the Plays.Tv Forums, or is this location the 'same thing'? 

Just mentioning it, thanks.

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After doing some investigation into what might be contributing to the problem Dxtory is having with the GamingEvolved/Raptr Client, I eventually decided to try the Beta (Unstable) Version offered at the Dxtory website, released about a week ago. They appear to have fixed their problems/incompatibilities - fantastic! 

Initially, Dxtory seemed to have an issue with 'hooking' onto Raptr and not switching to a game, once one was launched. It also had problems with the Plays.Tv interface (video list, playback, etc). But now, everything seems to be working wonderfully together!

I was going to just delete this perhaps, since it was 'solved' so quickly by the latest update [of Dxtory] - but it looks like I cannot, heh.

If you feel this short mention [of a potential issue] may be helpful to others that might come across these symptoms, great. If you feel this is easily removable, please feel free to do so. Thanks.