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GVR recording left over files in temp folder on SSD

The problem arises from the fact that even after removing the recordings from the playstv gallery, after uploading, theres huge, depending on recorded video size, files left in temp folder, wasting away precious ssd space.  Please fix the app to clean up after itself.

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We should be deleting the temp files for recordings. However, it is always possible you may be experiencing a bug. 

What I would recommend is possibly changing the location of where both the recordings and the temp files are being stored to see if it makes a difference. Keep an eye to see what is happening with the disc space. 

You will also want to check to see if it's being created and not deleted from manual recording, highlights or the automatic recording. Also make sure your Preferences are set to allot the amount of disc space you want to use. 

If you continue to have issues even after this, let me know and we can create a ticket on the issue.

I don't have a problem with the size of the recording itself, or the temp file created by doing the recording, since that is set to a custom location.   

The real problem is, when uploading to playstv or youtube, there is a huge chunk of data that gets in windows temp folder /   /appdata/local/temp

This does not get deleted automatically on any windows. The user is left wondering where his/her disk space went.

So it's only files leftover when uploading? Not when recording? We can do some internal testing here, but any additional information/proof would be useful. For instance, screenshots of what files are left over.

Unfortunately i couldnt reproduce the symptoms. It may be due to the fact that i reinstalled windows today. However if this problem will come up, i will make screenshots. Don't close the thread yet. 

I won't close it. 

Another option if it comes up is to create a ticket and post the ticket # here so we can grab it quickly. That way you can post logs and whatnot and the tracking becomes a bit easier for us.

I recreated the problem and posted a ticket. :